towing the line

Thought I would do a Bucket List check in, especially as our cruise is only a week away! (For the original--wordy--list, click the above link.)
  • Clean our basement
  • Paintball
  • Cruise X We leave in a week!!
  • Read 30 books by the end of the year  8 books down, a few more nearly done
  • Hike all of the trails on the Farm  Done several  more since last time, but more to go.
  • Read more poetry Have been reading more poetry, trying new poets
  • Watch the Godfather I & II I
  • Go clubbing (out here)
  • Get everyone to go karaoke
  • Make it through Life Aquatic without falling asleep
  • Go to Minute Man National Park
  • Go to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket
  • Go to more of the museums nearby
  • Get through The Fountainhead
  • Grow sunflowers
  • Read War and Peace
  • Philadelphia
  • Library Job (PT or subbing or even volunteering) X  started volunteering at a nearby library, Feb. 2010
  • Have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s night in NYC (stay up all night partying and then walk around outside, looking in storefront windows while eating a doughnut and drinking coffee).
  • Go camping
  • Publish a poem Nothing accepted yet.
  • Get a first draft of a book done
  • Get my photos in order
  • Pick up a hitch hiker X February 2010 (Hitch hiker taken across town)
  • Organize my entire iTunes Library
  • Submit something for publication in a library magazine
  • Lose two dress sizes
  • Get involved at the parish I attend here Begin cutting church lawns in the month to follow. Went for lawn mover "training" today and met a couple very nice parishioners. Made me homesick for my church back home.
  • Read the Bible more
  • Become a better pen pal to my brother while he is overseas Sent a couple letters to date; an improvement on before


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