the skull

Awesome Town Library, which I just started volunteering at a few weeks back, has a really great art collection. While shelving books today I found a 760+ page book on Marc Chagall and just had to check it out; while flipping through the book I found this beautiful portrayal of Christ on the cross. It is aptly titled, "Golgotha." Golgotha (aka Calvary) was the hill where Christ was crucified; the word Golgotha can be traced back to the Hebrew word "golgoleth," or Aramaic word, "gulgulta," both essentially meaning, "skull." It felt appropriate to stumble upon this picture today, since it is Holy Thursday, and tomorrow of course (for Christians) is Good Friday, the day on which Christ died on the cross at Golgotha.

Guess this is your history/art lesson for the day. :)  Happy Easter all!


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