the little things

I am so excited for our cruise, but at the same time I am very aware of the little things that we will be missing while gone. I just have to pause and recognize these things for their minute loveliness:
  • TSO's and my seedlings are growing every day, and as silly as it sounds, I really look forward to the progress. I am wondering at the fact that the plants will be so much bigger when we get back. Such is the wonder of the life cycle of plants.
  • The lilac bushes (which are my favorites) have begun blooming in the city. The Farm is at a slightly higher elevation, which means it's always a little cooler here and things open a little behind the times here too. I am bummed that we might miss that first burst of overwhelming fragrance.
  • The view of the mountains around growing into even deeper shades of green.
Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system, I am ready.


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