P.E.I., eh?

The house is quiet. H, S and their daughter E are sleeping and TSO is now reading some depressing Flannery O'Connor book. Wanted to mention what we've done so far, though yesterday and today have been very low key.

Yesterday we drove from Massachusetts--leaving at 2am--to Cardigan, Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), home of my friends H&S (and no, not home of those wonderful sweaters, don't worry I asked) . The roadtrip was fairly uneventful; there was no moose sightings, though signs in both Maine and New Brunswick had us on the lookout. It also must be said that in New Brunswick there is a sign on either side of the highway telling you to be on the lookout for moose in both French and English--TSO suggested that we look for moose speaking both languages, which is a great segue into the bizarreness that are road signs throughout New Brunswick and P.E.I. Reading said signs has been entertaining and I have made it my job on this trip to come up with the odd scenarios that these signs must be speaking about, as they can't feasibly mean anything reasonable. My favorite is the sign of a person next to a person on a bicycle next to an unmanned snowmobile. I think that the very-tired-at-the-time TSO was less entertained then me when I said that we "must be on the lookout for pedestrians being chased by stick figures on bikes being chased by unmanned snowmobiles." These things seem very funny after 3 hours of sleep and 14 hours in the car!

Last night after my friends arrived home and dinner had been eaten, we spent the evening chatting; talking about life at the Farm, people we (H, S and I) used to know through our old church, the state of politics in both the U.S.A. and Canada, etc. This morning--much rested--was spent driving around to a few points of interest with S; taking us through Cardigan and into Charlottetown, which H said is the largest city on the island and the capital of P.E.I. While in Charlottetown we were able to meet up with H for lunch and see the mall development project his engineering firm is working on; as well as to go to the Charlottetown Library for a bit. I love checking out other libraries.

Dinner and chatting again tonight, then saying goodbye to H as we headed to bed, since he is leaving for work before we wake up in the morning. And then tomorrow TSO and I are off for the next leg of the roadtripping journey. We head east to the ferry which will take us across to Nova Scotia and eventually continue heading south to the Halifax area and to my first (mis)adventures with camping. Wish me luck.

Oh, and this picture is of Mt. Kathadin in Maine. TSO and I stopped at a lookout--gorgeous!


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