I have been so bad about writing and posting a couple more vacation trips, I attribute that to a few reasons:
  • Everyone at the Farm has been sick, so I have been avoiding the germ ridden community computers (although now they have hand sanitizers) when at all possible
  • My laptop could not hold the damn signal at the general store or library in town the other day so I gave up trying
  • I have been in a funky mood and thought some time sans blogging might be good for me
But, good news! GREAT NEWS dear friends! We finally finally finally, after TSO struggling with stupid Verizon for over a month, have gotten our email which means our phone (through Vonage) will be working too. I realized two things during this time: 1. I have never felt so homesick before, since it felt so hard to actually talk to people, Facebook and emailing aside; an actual voice really does make all the difference. 2. While I have never had any problems with Verizon as far as my cell phone service has gone for the past whatever many years, they have been a total pain the ass to deal with out here in Sticksville, USA. I almost regretted even mentioning their name at all in this blog because they will now totally get ads posted on my page, but I would advise, dear readers, that if you live in a remote place Verizon will totally give you the run around and be a huge pain.

That is my service announcement for the day.


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