unrecognizable miracle

dying is fine) but Death   
wouldn't like  
Death if Death 
were good: for  
when (instead of stopping to think) you  
begin to feel of it, dying 
's miraculous 
why? be  
cause dying is  
perfectly natural; perfectly 
it mildly lively (but  
Death  is strictly 
& artificial &  
evil & legal)  we thank thee 
almighty for dying 
(forgive us, o life! the sin of Death
e.e. cummings
Last week we watched as the 2nd anniversary of my 
Dad's death--two years!? Really? Where has the time 
gone--came and went and it was hard and there 
were tears and sadness, but also laughter and funny 
memories too. That's good. Death, like art, should 
imitate life sometimes, no? So, thought I would share 
this lovely e.e. cummings poem, as he is one of my 
favorites, and always has such insightful ways to make 
me think.


CS said…
Yes, it is hard to believe that it was only two years ago... Thinking of you, friend.
Thanks Cathy. That means a lot. :)

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