change of itinerary

Last night I copied down directions (from Mapquest) to get us home from Truro, NS, where we were supposed to see the Bay of Fundy. And see it there we did. It was dissapointing--a ghetto view from behind a motel. So, TSO suggested we keep driving and head towards the towns that run alongside the Bay of Fundy. This has provided us with some breathtaking views and helped us find Mo's in Five Islands, NS. We are eating their awesome chowder (with fish, clams and scallops caught locally) and BLTs. SO GOOD! Come here if you are ever in the area!

We are going to change our route a little and once we cross back into Maine, head for the coast and follow it down which should allow us to see the Bay of Fundy on the Maine side.

It is beautiful here, even with the misting rain and though I am longing to sleep in my own bed, I love Nova Scotia. *sigh* So lovely here.


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