So, we're doing it. TSO and I are camping...kinda..."car camping," as M & N called it this past weekend. I mean is it real camping if you are simultaneously rubbing your cold nose, facebooking and writing a blog? Ok...umm...maybe not 100% real camping; but we are sleeping outside, in a tent that M & N let us borrow, in mummy bags which TSO provided, and we cooked over a fire: a tasty dinner of well done hotdogs and foil wrapped and roasted sweet corn and baked potatoes and slices of cheese. TSO made the comment of, "and we both work in kitchens!" but I was proud of our meal. It was better than the alternative: eating vinegar packets which I made TSO save from our ferry ride earlier this afternoon, "just in case of emergencies!"

This morning S took us to see the ocean before we left the lovely little town of Cardigan, PEI. The visit was per my request, as I heard so many good things of the ocean vistas of the island. It was cold and windy and a little rainy but gorgeous; there is something so intoxicating about the ocean: such fury which I have always been both in awe of and scared of too.

After S pointed us in the right direction, TSO and I were headed to catch the Wood Island Ferry to Nova Scotia. It was my first time on a ferry so I can only imagine the goofy grin I had on my face as I pulled my little Saturn aboard the ship and parked it on one of the lower decks behind a row of cars with license plates reading both the likes of Nova Scotia and Ohio. I goggled at everything and was pleased as punch to wander the different decks. For our lunch TSO and I shared poutine with our entrees--definitely something to try next time you find yourself in Nova Scotia.Then after lunch I stood on the deck enjoying the cold air and salt water smell of the ocean. I swear I must have been a sailor or Ahab in a former life; there is something so cradling and rocking in the ocean; a familiarity that is so comforting. Maybe it comes from the salt water in my blood, generations of sailors in my family...who knows, eh? (Canadian lingo, in case you were wondering).

After driving around in Nova Scotia, from Caribou to Dartmouth (where we got a little turned around), we finally came into Halifax. I am not sure what I was expecting, but this is not it. Or I don't think that I saw the Halifax I was expecting to see, at least not yet. Maybe our travels tomorrow may show me something exciting there? If we make it back there at all. I was telling TSO that I read of Peggy's Cove and would love to go and see this idyllic fishing village which is only 45 minutes away.

Well, it is holding at around 51 degrees in the tent, dropping from 52 degrees Farenheit. I know this because TSO has told me the tent temperature about 3 times now. Cold is cold and it's chilly in here, so I should sign off for now and get into my mummy bag.


Mummy Dearest said…
The best part of camping when it's cold is hot tea in the morning!

When do you come home?
I go for Tim Horton's hazelnut coffee--Canada's best (Which we also had in MI!)

We are heading home tomorrow night, arriving to the Farm early Sunday morning!
Maria said…
Your pictures are fabulous! Thanks for keeping us up with your trip and I hope your nights are toasty!

My mother-in-law is cleaning my dishes right now and I'm feeling pretttttttty guilty. But I'm saving all my energy for making a thousand cupcakes for Sonja's birthday.

Love, M

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