"then came Jesus, then came Johnny Appleseed..."

Here are some great and unprompted things that some of the Farm kiddos have said recently.
  • I got these great milking "muck boots," (which look something like these), for when I milk the cows every week. Upon arriving at dinner, after I had milked, I stopped at a table to talk with M who was with her kiddos M & S, when M (age 2yrs.) glanced down and said, "OH MY GOD, Monster, I love your boots!" in her most sincere voice! It was so adorable I had to laugh.
  • TSO and I were dropping Mummy and kids: Big and Little Fish off at their new apartment, en route to the Farm, when Big Fish (almost 5yrs. old) made the profound observation: "Mom, first came dinosaurs, then Jesus, then Johnny Appleseed and then us, right?" Oh, my God. TSO, Mummy and I were trying so hard not to burst out laughing, for fear we'd stifle Big Fish's curiosity! Where do kids come up with some of these things!?


Ha! He is such a great, thoughtful kid!

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