meet me in St. Louis

Jet setting weekend coming up. TSO, CJ and I are leaving the farm for St. Louis, to attend the wedding of our friends Tizzy and J. Friends Kt and Becca are also heading out from Oregon and Chicago respectively--looking forward to seeing them both and catching up.

I have never spent any time in St. Louis, only passing through en route to California on Route 66 ten years ago. Though I am looking forward to time away, and any place will do.

The short weekend seems busy:
Fly in Thursday morning
Rehearsal dinner Thursday night
Wedding & ReceptionFriday night
Leave Saturday morning

And yet, in those small fluxes of time between events there are a couple of sites I definitely want to see (The St. Louis Arch, The Louis XIV church and of course the St. Louis Public Library), but who knows what we'll have time for, or what TSO will want to see...hmm...just glad to be away from the Farm for a few days. YAHOO! I love traveling.

Now just need to run errands and buy things in those mysterious travel sizes (I have some conspiracy theories about how the Herbal Essence company has been making a fortune on suckers like me who LOVE their damn shampoo but always forget to buy a refillable bottle, and therefore wind up paying 1/5 of the cost of one of those enormous bottles for 6 stinking ounces!!), drop things off at the Library and P-A-C-K! Ugh!! Sometimes I think it is just as hard to pack for two days away as it is to pack for a week...decisions, decisions!

Wish me happy travels, dear readers! And for all of you out there, who like me, might also be suspicious (a little) of weddings, and all things not-single, thought I would share another great Four Weddings and a Funeral quote:

Gareth: I've got a new theory about marriage. Two people are in love, they live together, and then suddenly one day, they run out of conversation.
Charles: Uh-huh.
Gareth: Totally. I mean they can't think of a single thing to say to each other. That's it: panic! Then suddenly it-it occurs to the chap that there is a way out of the deadlock.
Charles: Which is?
Gareth: He'll ask her to marry him.
Charles: Brilliant! Brilliant!
Gareth: Suddenly they've got something to talk about for the rest of their lives.
Charles: Basically you're saying marriage is just a way of getting out of an embarrassing pause in conversation.
Gareth: The definitive icebreaker.


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