that's what's making us crazy...

My sister, A1 sent the following article. That in itself made me wonder if she is hinting at something? We have that kind of ambiguous, passive aggressive relationship (sometimes). I guess I should stop licking all my old children's books before I go to bed at night...

"JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Could a vintage, dog-eared copy of "The Cat in the Hat" or "Where the Wild Things Are" be hazardous to your children?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has raised that possibility in urging the nation's libraries to take children's books printed before 1986 off their shelves while the federal agency investigates whether the ink contains unsafe levels of lead.

Few, if any, libraries are complying, and many librarians are ridiculing the recommendation as alarmist. Even the nation's premier medical sleuths, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, say any danger from lead in children's books is slight."

For the rest of the article click here.


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