welcome the new year with poetry

"MAYBE January is the cruelest month. The holiday bills fester, the garden catalogs have not yet arrived with their immodest promises of spring, and escaping to warmer climes is harder now that the economy has stopped working.

It’s a perfect time to sit in a chair, calmly, with a lap robe and a comforting book of poetry, and to think about where we live, listen to the heartbeat of here, and learn how words mean home..." Tina Kelley, in a NYTimes article recently.

I thought I would share some links to some fav poems, though none of these peeps are from MI.

Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year!

Billy Collins, Thesaurus
Billy Collins Taking off Emily Dickinson's Clothes
Robert Frost, October
Walt Whitman, I sing the body electric
Elizabeth Bishop, The Map



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