stressed? exhausted? almost to the Emerald City

This exhausting week in LaLa Library Land:
  • Monday my 15-23 months old group was so much fun! (I am going to miss this bunch of parents when their kids move up to the 2 year old group). Our current theme through January is Favorite Children's Authors. I chose to start with Eric Carle, who is my favorite illustrator, and thus introduced the kids to The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear (both favorites of mine). The kids loved the stories and that for Brown Bear, Brown Bear, I actually had enough copies for everyone. We also pulled out our huge parachute for the last 5 minutes of class before toy time and had so much fun. The kids excitement and laughter is so contagious.
  • Had my last Ancient Civilizations group Wednesday, where we learned about Pueblo Indians. After talking about the who, what, where and when's of the Pueblos, each kid began the task of making coiled bowls (w/Crayola air dry clay--WONDERFUL!) Then while we let the bowls dry a little I read some Pueblo folklore about how clay pottery was brought to the Pueblos and also a really great Caldecott Winner, Arrow to the Sun: a Pueblo Indian Tale. Then the kids painted their clay bowls. While being dissapointed that only 4 kids came to the program this week, I was super impressed with the end product. The group that I had this week, though small, took their projects really serious! I was totally kicking myself for not bringing in my camera!
  • This morning I had 18!! 18!! people come to my babies group! That is huge! I had 8 babies, 8 Moms, 1 sister and 1 Grandma. This is the group where the most I have ever had was 8 people! I couldn't believe it! Wonders never cease to amaze me.
  • Tonight we had game night, which I was covering for a co-worker. She told me to anticipate 4-12 kids. Umm...yeah. One. One child. And the absolute most obnoxious child that comes to our library and comes to all of our programs. So while we played 6 games of Connect 4 and 2 games of Chess and she was burping her brains out and singing super loud, I just kept telling myself that everyone needs attention. This girl just needs a lot of it.
  • Tomorrow is the last busy, busy day. My 4 pre-K groups from the local pre-school are coming in for Thanksgiving stories. We are doing Thanksgiving day at our house (which is blah) and The First Thanksgiving Day (which is a cute counting book). Then after the last group leaves I am going to get things ready for my last Cooking and Folktales class. We have done countries around the world and now we end with the United States and the simple classic: the Chocolate Chip cookie (created in Massachusetts, one of the cities where I applied for a library job once.) I am looking forward to an easy end to the program and making something which I know all the kids will love.
  • Saturday and Sunday I have to work both days. But at least it is sans programs.
  • Then Monday I only come in to do my 15-23 mos. storytime then head southeast to PA to pick up TSO, enroute to Thanksgiving at the FARM!


JennPav said…
I have the distinct honor of saying that Eric Carle personally made several months of my life a living hell. And his secretary is a massive, festering boil of a bitch.

Thank you.

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