on returning home or day 5 of a PA roadtrip

Sunday after the wedding we had a breakfast brunch at Laura & Matt’s house with everyone and then said our goodbyes to B1’s family: her parents, brother and his girlfriend, and aunt, uncle and cousin. After they’d left we farmers headed back to B2’s parents’ house for damage control: unloading and reloading the dishwasher, washing dishes, scrubbing counters and stove top, putting tables and chairs back into storage, repacking food items. When our cleaning was done we all sat down for another feast—a lunch of wedding leftovers.

Later that day we managed to take in a quick tour of Hershey World and had naps all around before B2’s parents came over for dinner. We all crammed into the living room and played Apples to Apples until B2’s parents and CJ & Amos had to leave. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone. B2’s parents are so wonderful. I had told them that weekend that normally after spending a day with anyone else’s family I am ready to go home, but being with them was so easy and fun. I didn’t want the weekend to end. Saying goodbye to Amos & CJ wasn’t too bad since I knew that I would see them again over Thanksgiving, but I still wasn’t ready to see them go. My best friend L, who is already in her late-thirties, always says that your twenties are fun, but your thirties are awesome. I am glad that I have had so much fun in my twenties, and gladder still that I have such amazing friends to travel into my thirties with.

That night B1 & B2, TSO and I all stayed up late watching TV and playing 3 rounds of Euchre, all of which B1 and I won. In the morning the four of us and Laura went out to breakfast and wished TSO a happy birthday (which was the following day), then TSO and I were on the road again driving west towards H-dale and TSO’s home.

Somehow the still beautiful drive back to TSO’s parents’ house was a little less vivid, as though the trees modeled what I felt and paled their autumnal hues in mourning for a return back home and back to work. And the warm Pennsylvania air, made way for the warm Ohio air, which turned into a cloudy, rainy Detroit sky which truly marked my return home.


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