more chillin' or Day 3 of a PA roadtrip

Friday a.m. B1, B2, TSO and I headed back over to B2's 'rents to munch on bfast and also await Amos & CJ's arrival. I was soooo excited. It would be the first time all 6 of us were together since New Years' Eve '06.

Later that afternoon after they had arrived we headed over to Mt. Gretna to see the site of the wedding (pictured right). Our arrival there in Mt. Gretna found me gapping in wonder. Not only were the trees all around wearing their fall vestments, but the little village surrounding the Hall of Philosophy (where B1 & B2 were to be married) was absolutely amazing.

Doing some digging I found that Mt. Gretna was originally founded as a Chautauqua settlement. (Cool old photos here). The old summer cottages and inns are now lived in year round; tucked and nestled-in, snuggly in this enclave amongst the trees. We wandered around the houses, along car-less roads and walking paths, popping out of the little cluster of houses, to find ourselves back onto a road was as though stumbling from the beauty of Narnia, back into the reminders and reality of our world. I am enthralled. I want to go back. As we wandered through we all remarked as to how we should buy one of the houses we'd seen for sale and all co-inhabit it. Ah, such a nice idea...can't we though...? I am tired of living in MI.

That day was lazy and those days are always wonderful. It was nice to be relaxing all this week, as I often found myself thinking back to this week last year, when I was just beginning to tell myself that Dad was gone from us for good.


R.E.II said…
Hello monster librarian,
I am afraid but it’s my first time on your blog and there are so many out there. I just wish there was a way I could return here whenever I choose in order for you to make counter visits?
I stopped because the contents drew my attention.
Hopefully Ill see you around.
Best wishes

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