chillin' like villains or Day 2 of a PA roadtrip

Thursday morning could not get going fast enough for me. While I was enjoying being with TSO's super wonderful family I couldn't wait until our afternoon rendezvous with B1&B2.

And finally the time came to regroup cluttered things, zip said items back into bags, stuff bags into my car and get underway again. We were temporarily delayed at the H-dale post office--TSO's present for B1&B2 was broken during it's shipping from WA to PA--while the Postmaster tried to figure out how to pay TSO for damaged goods.

In a flash we were back on the road again, heading 2.5 hours East to the Hershey, PA area. OMG! The area of PA between H-dale (where TSO is from) and Hershey is an absolutely beautiful piece of world that God himself must have laid down. Living in MI for the past three years and missing the mountains of MA, I had forgotten the gloriousness that is fall in the mountains; a vista ablaze with colors. It sounds so cliche, but how else can you explain the ferociousness of the colors, the vivids elements and hues that burn their way into your memory and are a flame in the brain during the darkest, coldest parts of winter, reminding us that the world hasn't always felt so empty and lifeless!?

The playlist paled in comparison to the colors and is lost to me. Our conversation too turned towards the coming weekend, funny stories that friends can share over a thousand times and never get tired of and general quarter-life quanderies that arose as we drove.

Our beautiful drive found us in Hershey, PA, where the air actually smells of chocolate outside of the factory. I wondered aloud that people can never be unhappy in such a place. There was something so very Willy Wonka-ish about being able to breathe in the scent of chocolate...or as I like to think of it..."the happy maker candy!" After being welcomed by bride and groom B1&B2 and B2's uber-preggers sister Laura and her husband Matt, whose house we were staying at for the weekend, the 6 of us headed over to B2's parents' home for a most splendid dinner made by B1's mom.

It was one of those perfect dinners that should be a scene from a movie: B2 giving a tour of his parents' house; people milling around the kitchen, sipping wine and chatting; good food passed around the table while everyone talked; B1's Dad circling the table offering wine refills; too much good food consumed; and two desserts and coffee procured when we all had scant room in our stomachs for more. And all this followed by a great night of conversation.

Our dinner party moved to the Living Room and chatted and of course politics came up as the night progressed. POLITICS?! I loved it! We grew up in a household where we were taught not to speak politics in the company of strangers. We also just never really talked politics. I suppose it was a lack of interest. So, I was pleased, pleased, pleased to find myself sitting in a room with B1&B2's families talking about the looming election, the candidates, the SNL skits. I am one of those bizarre persons who is absolutely fascinated by political thought...thus making this a fabulous night for me.

I decided that night that I absolutely adore B1&B2's families. Such cool people.


Amy said…
Hey, I think B2s sister and her husband should be referred to from here on in as L Buxler and M Buxler (wasn't that what you said they should name the baby?)
Nope, Amos, they were the Buxley's remember!?!

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