wonderful way to say goodbye to summer

This weekend was one of those amazing weekends: the weather was wonderful and I was able to be outside in it; I spent time with my family and they didn’t drive me nuts; and I was able to hang with friends all weekend. A good weekend, and yet, such full weekends fly by so quickly. Too quickly.

Friday night Chris, Vic and another acquaintance went and saw the new Deniro/Pacino movie, “Righteous Kill,” per Chris’ wishes. I have to say I was surprised. I was really prepared to not like the movie, and had already written it off as a dude flick, but I have to say I enjoyed it. A little police drama was a nice change of pace from all the chick flicks and comedies I have been watching as of late.

Earlier in the week I had planned a picnic at one of the parks near my house—a beautiful, sprawling 6+ acre park. So, Saturday A3 picked me up and we headed over and met up with my Mom, A1 & bro-in-law M, Monster Niece S & Monster Nephew A, Chris, best friend K, best friend L, L’s kids L&A, L’s Dad, sister Julie and nephew Andrew, A1’s best friend Marta, her two kids and her sister. Big crowd.

It was an awesome display of summer as the summer wound down--around 80s degrees out when A3, best friend K and I pulled 3 picnic tables together. We all spent the afternoon taking turns policing the kids on the play equipment, having swing races (that is one of the things I miss most about being a kid!!) and playing an odd mix of tag, soccer and football. So much fun! I think the adults were as worn out at the end of the day as the kids.

The food was good too; one of those Americana picnic blends which included: fried chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, finger fruits (lush cantalopes and juicy grapes), club wraps and such good desserts. When we weren't playing we sat around snacking and talking. And talking. And talking. We chatted up politics (a safe topic as we are all like-minded in this arena and such good friends) and the Clinton-Palin skit on SNL, talked about the dying weather, the movie Chris and I had seen Friday night; those conversations which never seem tiresome. Those afternoons that you never want to end.

The high points of the day: swing racing with L, spider swinging with A (where the adult sits on the swing and the kid sits facing them, with their feet looped around your waist), teaching Monster Nephew A to swing.
The low point of the day: Monster Niece S eating cantalope while she sat on my shoulders. YUCKO! My hair was a sticky mess when I got home. But if that were the low point of any day, I would consider myself a very lucky monster.


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