what's underneath the Scotman's kilt

Holy Moses! The title just came to me...it is a song they used to sing at this Irish pub I frequented in college. It is an unbelievably gross and unrelated title for a blog about shortbread...but, hey...all things Scottish! Cheers!

I had been asked to share the recipe for the Scottish Shortbread from our cooking class. This is the form letter I sent home with the kids (Librarians--feel free to steal my idea) The recipe had been quartered from it's original measurements:

Tonight _________________________ successfully began the (dry goods) steps to making Scottish Shortbread. They measured into their bags:
  • 1/16 Cup light brown sugar
  • 4 teaspoons powdered sugar
  • ½ cup flour

What they are going to do at home (WITH PARENT SUPERVISION!) is:

  • Cream a ¼ cup of butter (this is done by beating the butter with an electric mixer until it is smooth)
  • While you are creaming the butter, slowly pour in the dry mixture of brown sugar, powdered sugar and flour
  • Once everything is thoroughly mixed in together , press the dough down into a bread pan or pie dish
  • Cook at 325 for @ 15-20 minutes, until top is golden brown
  • Let cool in the pan
  • Enjoy!


TSOldtimer said…
1/16 cup brown sugar? What the h*** is that about?

Can you say, "2 Tablespoons?"


I'm glad the project went well!
Alright PEANUT GALLERY! I know what I meant!

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