what's her face

I should be writing about my hella-relaxing weekend but instead I am doing Which Teen Girl Squad Girl are you? personality tests.

I should have guessed...since like me...What's her face was "POSSUMED!"
You are Whats Her Face! You really are a loser. Your clothes smell like grandmas. Your friends pity you. You die in just about every episode. You have no self esteem, and for a good reason. Take some happy pills.
"My blood hurts!"


TSOldtimer said…
Aw! What's-her-Monster! That's soooo sad!

Don't give on that sports guy, though.

You totally have a chance with him!
Miss Cellaneous said…
I am reading this at work and laughing insanely loud. Now I must take the test!
JennPav said…
I have to disagree with the first part but I totally see you being attacked by a possum. And on that note, I have pictures that I brought home-- unless I already told you... alzheimers, you know. When I get them scanned look for some major blog action.
Thanks TSO. I will totally hold out for sports guy...or maybe steal Brett Bretterson!

Miss Cellaneous, I am glad. I love making people awkward laugh at work...I do it all the time.

Jenny, ha ha ha...Love it!

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