singing Hallelujah at work!

A couple of months ago when we were in the midst of summer reading, and slightly stressed out, I had a good laugh when I found a note on my desk, affixed to a videotape. The note read:

“This film is from the Children’s section and apparently contains some footage about ‘musical condoms’ and other children’s video inappropriate material.”

So, we popped the movie into a TV/VCR that we had in the back offices and fast forwarded until we found said “inappropriate material.” The narrator told us about the ever important creation of a “Hallelujah” singing condom.

Singing condoms in a kids movie.
singing condoms in a kids movie titled “Important Discoveries: the way things work.”
Yep. Fitting name for that movie.


TSOldtimer said…

Sarah Palin WOULD NOT endorse that video. Did you pull it? ;-)
Pam said…
HAHAHA, oh sweet Jesus. That's so funny.

I want to meet the people who were sitting in a conference room, debating about what subject they should base a children's movie on...when suddenly you see one jump up and scream "I'VE GOT IT! MUSICAL CONDOMS!!"
I did pull the book--some battles are just not worth fighting.

Pam, I would love sitting in a conference room, getting paid to make *those* decisions!

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