put on your Manolos and go

It seemed so difficult to go back to work on Tuesday—it always seems coming back from long weekends is unendurable—and yet the week, like many weeks as of late, flew by...And was followed by a weekend which did the same.

Friday night roomie M, best friend L and L’s sister Julie and I all went to the opening night show of Sex and the City. After cosmopolitans (in true S.A.T.C. style) we headed into a packed theater (the only one in the area with a show that WASN’T sold out) and waited in line behind dozens and dozens of women who were all excitedly discussing the movie. It was a total estrogen fest. Out of the 300+ people in our theater I only counted 7 dudes. My gay-dar was going off at the sight of four of them and the other three men looked like they were finally being punished for taking their girlfriends/wives to see Ironman.

Despite the reviews I read from NPR and another source which painted the film in a slightly tepid light, I really enjoyed it. There were things lacking of course, a slight faux pa on the part of the writers in some areas as far as I was concerned, but overall a fun movie. Some things that I thought were interesting:

The movie looked at love this time. Less actual sex in the city; more love around the characters of the city. How does love make us reconsider our relationships? Can we always wear “blinders” when we are in love?

The hilarious, filthy girl talk, which made me love the show in the first place, is still there. I think Sex and the City not only made it okay to talk about certain things about relationships/sex with your friends, but the show also touched some sex subjects which had never before made it onto the small screen. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when I turned off the TV and thought, “WHORES!!” (There is something about a show that you can walk away from and think…”see, my friends and I aren’t that bad!”)

For you designer label hounds: you will see more Manolos and designer bags and dresses than you can shake a stick at. I am fairly sure that in the first 2 minutes of the movie you see Carrie in 3 different outfits. While the clothes are at times a little eccentric, you gotta love that Sarah Jessica Parker has the attitude to pull them off!

Overall, we all had a really good time; all enjoyed the movie and got in some good, belly shaking laughs. If you liked the show, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the movie.


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