playing catch up

I feel like I have not written in forever. Life has been busy and getting busier so this will be brief:
  • Dissapointments regarding CT thing. Moving on.
  • My car Will (which I have had for almost 4 years and put on @ 70,000 miles) has been slowly trying to die. Finally replaced him yesterday. Another old folks car, but temporary until I buy that lovely little Aveo that is calling my name...maybe next year. Any thoughts for a name? Must explain what the choice of name comes from.
  • Summer Reading kick-off is less than a week away. YIKES! Doing the grunt work for that now. Cutting out art project-y things, etc. Some cute things. Will def. post pics eventually!
  • Softball begins tonight. Chris and I have our first game. Yeah.
  • Pool at our house has been open for about three weeks and I have been swimming almost every day. Be envious...very envious. Still trying to learn how to dive. Oww.
  • Dreading Father's Day.
  • Reading tons.

That is me in a nutshell these days.


Anonymous said…
You ARE busy! Have a good one!


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