more folk/fairy tales...nothing exciting to talk about

As mentioned in this post, I am steadily reading; working my way through folklore and fairy tales alike--focusing on the stories that originate from specific regions around the world. This will benefit my Fall group...I hope.

Yesterday's three were:

The Hunterman and the Crocodile by Baba Waque Diakitre

A Coretta Scott King Award Winner for its working together peacefully solution...which I was not expecting. Would have been more exciting had the crocodile eaten the hunterman.

The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth

I loved the pictures in this book. Also, I liked how this book ended in true folktale fashion with the last page of the story containing a rhyming moral.

Cinderella by Charles Perrault,
modern retelling and pictues by Loek Koopmans and Anthea Bell

I was not really impressed with this retelling or the pictures--Cinderella and the prince looked like they were about 10 years old. I think I prefer the Grimm Brothers Cinderella story better.

Still gearing up for Summer Reading. We had our big kick-off this week and I have over 145 chitlins signed up for my program alone. That is 145 kids just in the K-2nd grade age group I am working with. Granted not all of them are going to come to my weekly program, I still feel like I need to prepare a lot more stuff for our art projects JUST IN CASE!

Our kick-off lasted for two hours and consisted of a band (comprised of one of our Pages and his friends), face-painting (bug themed, just like Summer Reading) and the kids coloring butterflies that will decorate our windows soon.


  • We have our second softball game tonight.
  • Been too chilly this week, temps in the 60s = no swimming.
  • I am now in charge of the monthly young adult (ages 18-35) socials (with Vic) at our church.
  • Got rid of Will today. He was picked up and taken to be stripped of anything valuable and then sent to the car demolisher. Getting used to Sirius.


Anonymous said…
I used to love to read folklore and fairy tales when I was younger. I haven't done so in a while but I still enjoy them. I'll have to pick up a book or two.

Happy reading,
They are fun stories that I am really enjoying reading before I get into my "adult books" at the end of the day. (Adult books as in books for adults not porno novels--thought I would clarify!) :)
Anonymous said…
LOL! Thanks for the clarification. ;-)


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