Christmas in June and other highlights

So many random moments made up this weekend. Here are a few in spotlight:

1. Took my Mom to see Prince Caspian on Friday night (I had given her the complete Chronicles of Narnia for her birthday). It was a fun movie, though I wish I had reread it before I had seen it. I spent part of the movie wondering how accruate it was to the books.

2. My Mom was telling me how Monster niece told her that she saw Pop (my Dad) and he told her that he is in Heaven and happy. Monster niece is 3.5 yrs. old. I believed what she said.

3. K and I went over Chris' apartment Saturday night for movies. Such a guy apartment. He actually had to clean it so that it was "ready for company." :) We spent the evening expanding my knowledge of movies that "I can't believe you haven't seen," to quote both K and Chris. My favorite part of hanging at Chris' were the jokes that came out of the fact that he never "got around" to taking down his Christmas tree!

Saw Ghostbusters for the first Puft Marshmallow Man...really? I loved the scene at the beginning in the Main Branch of the NY Public Library. Though I contest that when the Librarian saw the ghost and freaked out, she was only freaking out because the ghost threw her card catalog records all over the place...not because she was actually scared!

4. Spent Sunday forgetting it was Father's Day with some low key hanging out at my house in the pool. My family, as well as Roomie M's, all came over for swimming and dinner. Everything was fabulous: the weather (after a 10 minute random thunder/lightning storm), the pool, the food.

Monster Nephew is fearless, trying to dive into the pool on his own sans life jacket or even water wings! Monster Niece, more like her mother, is very timid near the water and after much coaxing made her way in. I am trying to get both of them to learn how to swim. Never too young!

After such a lovely day, going to work today was very hard.


SWP said…
I re-read the book a week before I watched Prince Caspian, to jog my memory. The book was much darker than I'd remembered from childhood.

So when I saw the movie the first time, I thought they did a masterful job interpreting the text. I didn't even notice how completely they had added to or recombobulated the plotline; this was pointed out to me by friends.

I've seen the movie three times now, and I still say it was well done as an interpretation of the characters and a presentation of the moral themes. But I was startled to go back into the book afterwards and note how many things they moved around, added, and deleted. In fact, there is very little in the movie that takes place in the same order as it does in the book.

The first time I watched it, I thought the film really made Lucy and Edmund shine, which seems fitting since they will appear in the next film. The second time watching it, I thought the film really drew out the story of Peter and Susan well, which seemed fitting since they don't return until the Last Battle. The third time I watched it, I realized that the film really drew out the story as Prince Caspian's story and his becoming a true King.

My favorite part was the scene where the ice blocks the view of Aslan's bas-relief. It was such a clear visual representation of the choice to sin. I think the filmmakers really got that part right. Casting Eddie Izzard as the voice of Reepicheep was another brillant stroke.
Woot woot on Eddie Izzard! I love him!

I was beginning to wonder if you were still alive SWP. Haven't heard from you in FOREVER!

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