seal of approval

Yesterday at work my friend Pam was asking Rakhi Raccoon and I what all she needed as far as "paperwork" so that she could begin getting processed. (Pam just recently took a position as an intern). After assuring her that she needs everything short of a pee sample we decided we should help Pam with her "documentation," to prove she does in fact exist. This is what we can up with:

I ___Monster Librarian___ (fill in the blank), do certify that here stands Pam.

She was born.

She’s almost twenty.

Her birthday is in November.

She loves pretty things, the vocal sounds of the Backstreet Boys and sparkly, rainbow unicorns.

Dated the Eighth day of April in the Lord’s Year Two-Thousand Eight.

Here is the Official Seal of Approval

If anyone else needs help with their "papers" just let me know.


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