an unfortunate series of events

The past few days have been so stressful.
  • My car battery keeps dying and my mechanic bro A3 is baffled, especially as this has been a recurring--though rarely--thing that happens and we try something new each time to fix it and somehow never do.
  • Work on Wedsnesday was a little stressful. I had some things I had to get done and then I kept getting interrupted. (I think my favorite part of that work day was when this woman, who had to come to pray in the Chapel, came out of the Chapel singing at the top of her lungs. It was special.)
  • Then I broke a glass the other night and while cleaning it up got some broken glass in my hand. I didn't realize when I pulled the glass out that a piece or two broke off and stayed in my finger. I got another piece out yesterday morning, but have been unable to get the other piece out. So piece no.2, who I've decided to call William, is camping out in my finger like hippies at Woodstock. And as I have no insurance I have been trying to "deal with it," the good old fashioned way: cursing, praying, cleaning it, cursing...
  • Wednesday night driving out to my sister's so I could borrow my Dad's car, this nutcase wouldn't let me merge into his lane, tried to run me off the road and then proceeded to roll down his window and literally lean out his window (while he is going 70+ miles an hour), point at me and shout about how I tried to cut him off. That took the cake.
  • And this week we hit the 6 month marker since Dad died and that is hard too.

Sigh. I promise my next post will be cheerful! Damnit! So to cheer myself up I have decided to take my cue from this lady and dress like this for the rest of the week. People love when you show an enthusiasm about your work, no?


Miss Cellaneous said…
I also have some weird unidentifiable problems going on with my car. There is this strange THUMP THUMP THUMP noise that goes on when I am slowing down, so I thought it was the brakes; but it turns out my brakes are awesome. The mechanic said to "ignore" the noise because my car is in good shape. I'm like. . umm. . okay? Something is making that noise and I want to know what it is, dammit! :) Email me with your phone number so I can just call you and we can catch up. I lost all my friends' phone numbers.

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