an enchanting day

Today was a phenomenal day. One of those days when you feel at one with the entire universe. A day when you can smell spring after the wind sweeping sprinkles that have been dotting the horizon for the past couple of days. A smell that can only be described as "spring," or the "smell of green."

I finished my Graduation Mass reflection--which I am giving this weekend--this morning at around 4am. Today work with just coffee in my system and 3.5 hrs. of sleep was amazingly refreshing. I was energetic to say the least.

Spent time with my best friend L and her two daughters L (5.5 years) and A (3 years), while her hubby K fixed a broken water valve at the house. Something about giggling along with the kids to the funny jokes and silly songs in Enchanted is exactly the best way that I could have ended my day. (I have to say that Enchanted was one of my favorite movies of 2007! It makes fun of Disney "princess" movies in the light hearted and clever way that Shrek made fun of fairy tale stories. If you haven't seen it--DO!)

Also, thought I would share this cool review from NPR. NPR article on Death Cab for Cutie. It is about their new CD Narrow Stairs. There is also a link in the article to a song from the CD, entitled "Cath."


Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha...who comments on their own page. True devotion!
SWP said…
Amy and I have decided that "Enchanted" should be re-titled, "The Life and Times of Amy Westphal".
If I weren't so bitter and jaded, Gisele is who I would most be like in life.

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