E True Hollywood Stories: A Day in the Life of a Librarian

Real things that I heard/happened in the library this week:
  • " Jesus loved to read," A Mom to her child in the Children's Department. Hmm...which Gospel was that mentioned in...The Book of Dewey Decimalicus...?
  • We have a box out for patrons to throw their "gently used" books, DVD's, etc. in. In turn we sell these items at our tri-annual Friends Used Book Sales and the money comes back to the library, etc. Someone donated a book about health. Nice...Then the Circulation staff noticed that major portions of the book were highlighted...especially the parts of the book concerning bowel problems, with notes-to-self added with comments that should stay "notes-to-self."
  • "Madame Librarian," a retired librarian-turned-senile-patron came through the library. I learned that she likes to take children's books and re-label them.
  • While reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs tonight to my bedtime story group, one of the little boys whispered to his Mom, "Mom, I'm hungry." Me too...except my hunger was more like the Chris Farley kinda, "LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING!"
  • I overheard an older woman say to another lady, "that Harrison Ford is a dish. I'd take him. Well, he's a little young for me, [yeah, by a million years. "The Mesozoic era called...they want you back!"] but if I can't be a kept woman, I can handle a younger man." Not a good mental picture. YUCKO!

Ah, an average day at work. I love my job.


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