obscenity in the library?

Many people don't realize the obscenely huge amounts of money that libraries spend on things like periodical subscriptions; by periodical I mean things that are considered more academic subscriptions, i.e. The Journal of Medicine and not US Weekly or People (for you non-library peeps). Granted expensive titles like what are given in the examples are found more in academic libraries than in public, it puts things into perspective--especially if you ever used your college library...maybe your brain is worth a little more, eh?

Click this link, then click Enter the Exhibit, to see a fascinating example of how expensive periodical subscriptions cost! One example that they use is, "The Journal of Applied Polymer Science costs $16,157. For this price you could donate the equivalent of 32 heifers to Heifer International and help needy families become self-reliant through sustainable development."

So, take advantage of your libraries (except you TSO, since the Dollar General is more important to have in your town than a library). ;)

And thanks Ed for passing this along. You rock!

And also, here is some info for you New Englanders about the Winnie the Pooh exhibit at the NY Public Library, in case you are in the city. And the "Real Pooh Timeline," care of the NY Public Library site. Sounds like a fun display to see. Sometimes I wish I worked at big library so we had cool displays like this!


TSOldtimer said…
Nice new look! I gotta do that, methinks...
Amy said…
Wow! I like the renovation! Very sexy! ;-)
Thanks Friends. I was tired of pepto bismal pink. TSO, change yours too--Spring cleaning!
Kevin Musgrove said…
Real obscenity is spending a humongous pile of money on reference materials and then have a bunch of reference librarians who don't see it as their job to help customers use them, or even let them know they're there.

We spend a five-figure sum on reference stock that's held on shelves in the back room because "people might leave them lying around the library."


Thank God for people who will put in the effort to promote reading, learning and information!
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