Dr. Seuss'ing it in pictures

I wrote about our Dr. Seuss Birthday Party, so I thought I would post two pics of Monster Niece S and Monster Nephew A.

Monster Nephew A coloring his "Cat in the Hat," with me. Monster Nephew will be 2 in May, and his mother refuses to cut his "cute baby curls" until then. My boy's got a MULLET! I put his hair in a pig tail the other day...cute...he looked like a mini-Westley!

Here is a picture of Monster Niece S (the blondie in the middle), 3 1/2, also making her "Cat in the Hat."

There was also a really cute picture of me reading Horton Hears a Who to the kiddies, but alas, the pic would have betrayed my anonymity...so for those of you know the real me check out my Facebook page. Pics soon to be posted on Myspace too.


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