this one's for the children

I can't believe how fast this week has flown by, how fast this winter seems to be casting itself aside. I have already been working my new library gig as a Children's Librarian (p/t) for a few weeks and I feel like I am getting the hang of things and feeling like maybe I actually like being a kids librarian. I wanted to do Adult Reference when I finished Wayne State (after working daycare for 5 years I felt I was done with kids), but everything that I have done since I have started is WONDERFUL!

First, let me say, "HOLY CRAP! There is so much prep work for even the shortest storytime!" Out of my 20 hours/week I probably only spend about maybe 4-5 hours with kids through our various storytimes and activities, 6 hours on Reference, and the rest is used for planning. This is cool because I love having that time to myself to put things together and look for things to do and consult a bajillion resources--can you say thousands of things have been put together for Elementary teachers and Librarians! So much to go through. Props go to teachers who do this all the time!

(Before I begin...where can I get one of those cool t-shirts that Danny Wahlberg is wearing?)

Today was fun. We have a preschool located near our library so on Fridays we have four groups of preschoolers that come in throughout the day. Four groups of 4-5 year olds, about 15+ to a group. This weeks theme was kings and queens so I read The Queen's Feet and The Queen's holiday (can we say "we own no good books on kings!") to the kids and they also were able to each check out one book to take home. Yeah for reading!

I felt that the highlight of the day was when we got to a part in the story where they talk about the Queen telling knock-knock jokes. I said to the kids:

(Me) "I have a knock-knock joke for you. Ready? Knock-knock"
(Kids) "Who's there?"
(Me) "Orange."
(Kids) "Orange who?"
(Me) "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?!" I made myself laugh...which made the kids laugh.

Yes, you can use that later...It's the little victories.

At the end of my second storytime session one of the can't-sit-still-boys came up to me, and grabbed my hand and at first I thought he was going to kiss it. No, he smelled it, then looking up at me with a smile said, "you smell good." I think that takes the cake.

I spent all week planning for my Valentines Party (I am in charge--I can't believe I get paid some days...we have TOO much fun!) And am looking forward to it--I will have to post pics of how it looks when it is all set up!

This weekend I have to work Reference tomorrow until 5pm, then I am going out for Monster Brother-in-law M's 39th b-day party. A night of drinks and good conversation will be fun. Then Sunday I am cleaning my house in preparation for TSOldtimer and B1&B2 (farm friends) who are coming for a short visit next weekend! HOORAY for friends!


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