Our Valentines Party at the library (aka the night we celebrate Singletons-Feel-Alone-and-Pathetic Day)

This will be short since I am one break for only 20 minutes more.

The library gig--I AM LOVING IT! I love, love, love what I do. I was really panicking at the end of Grad School, thinking that I couldn't believe that I had chosen a career that would put me around people all day, working customer service. But I love it! I smile at children, I am polite to old people, I help people get things, I even smile when people are crochety...who have I turned into!?? This is not the normal Monster. Finishing Grad School and putting behind me the loads of reading and papers and working too many hours with not even sleep has transformed me; this caterpillar has fallen from the cocoon. I am so glad I picked this career field, I love what I do, and I am even thinking that being a Children's Librarian is fun--a thought that I could not stomach when I was still in school.

This might just be the honeymoon phase my friend warned, and that may be true, but I am savoring it!

Worked the Reference Desk this past weekend and loved it. I had a few really fun questions where I walked away knowing something, and that is good. I got hit on by a truck driver (a self proclaimed regular), who tried to woo me with stories of his safe driving record as I helped him with his resume. He stopped by the Desk on his way out of the library to "slyly" get my name:

Truck Driver: "Thanks so much...oh, I didn't get your name."
Me: "Monster. Your welcome."
T.D. : "Well, I will see you again soon. I come here all the time."

Well, at least if we ever went out I know I would make it there safely (ba dum da--drum sound).
Ha ha ha

Had Sunday off, which was good, as I had to recoup from Saturday night: Monster Brother-in-law M's 39th bday party. Note to self, a good pick up line does not sound like this:

Real Life Pick-up Lines to NEVER USE:
Person 1: I just had to tell you that you are look like Voldemorte.
Person 2: What? Who is Voldemorte?
Person 1: Voldemorte? He's the bad guy in Harry Potter, who is always trying to kill Harry.
Person 2: You think I look like someone who is trying to kill Harry Potter?
Person 1: No, I meant it as a compliment, you look like Ralph Fienes, who plays Voldemorte in the movie, and he's hot. No, that was a compliment.


Back at the library today, working the Reference Desk again until 6pm, at which point I set up for our Valentine's Day Party (also known as Singletons-Feel-Alone-and-Pathetic Day) . I am so excited!! We are reading some V-Day books, playing pin-the-arrow-on-the-heart and musical heart chairs, making crafts (cute little lady bugs or ice cream sundaes...? Not sure why my boss picked the sundaes) or Valentine Day cards. I can't wait to decorate in another hour!

The highlight of today was when I was working the Reference Desk, and while there was no one at our desk, there was a line of about 6 people at the Circulation Desk. I had my arms full of balloons that I had blown up and was about to put away when one popped in my arms causing me to start like a rabbit. At least I got a few laughs.

I wanted to post some pics of our Valentines Party room after we decorate but I forgot my camera. Bummer.


Tony Kris said…
We always called Feb. 14 "National Single's Awarness Day"
tony kris--I LOVE IT!! :)
Mummy Dearest said…
So were you the one that told some hunk he looked like Voldemort?
I plead the Fifth on this one.
TSOldtimer said…
So, you're turned on by literate truckers and people who like like disembodied, child-killing wizards? Yeah, I think you found the right field.

So, I'll see you soon, if the sky doesn't fall and keep me from getting to Buffalo!
JennPav said…
I need you to do something for me. Its very important.

See if your library has the book:
WHY? by Nikolai Popov

Its a children's book. No words. Just pictures.

Its pretty intense. If you don't have, it, I highly suggest ordering it for yourself. Its what you can show to kids who are being bad.

Also, Naughty, Naughty Keifer is a good one. :-D

I'm so glad you're doing the children's book thing. I spent two years in publishing for kids ages 7-8.

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