National Singles Awareness Day

Some truths about Valentines Day (aka National Singles Awareness Day) that married or "coupled" persons don't want you to know:

  1. They bring lots of chocolates and candies into the office to give everyone. Aww..aren't they sweet (like their putrescent candy!!) NO! This is really an attempt to make the single people fat. Avoid this trap.

  2. These said marrieds or coupleds who receive flowers at work sent them to themselves. Their boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife thinks sitting together at home with their feet up watching Maury and sipping beer from a straw is romantic.

  3. Writing "VD PARTY" on the work calendar makes people think that syphillis cream will be handed out in goodie bags when staff exit said party.
No...I am not bitter. I am snarky.

How can I be bitter when I found this article today, which clearly states that we Librarians have one of the top jobs (Mummy Dearest, nurses and firefighters made the list too) in America. Didn't have to tell me...I am still amazed at what I get paid to do.


Mummy Dearest said…
"sipping beer with a straw..." You really DID grow up in Michigan, didn't you?! Ha ha hah hahahah...

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