sending babies out into the world alone

I turned in my Monster-ly scary thesis Monday morning much to my relief and trepidation.

And just minutes ago I sent my second final project: 16 pages of "notecard" reviews, etc. on Gary Paulsen and his three novels: The Hatchet, Dogsong, and The Beet Fields, accompanied by a 24 slide Powerpoint presentation of the paper. I let out a sigh of relief and yet feel as though I have sent my baby out to play in traffic.

Handing in papers is always such a mix of emotions; the joy at the end of a class and yet the fear that you forgot to capitalize a "t" or cite a reference. I don't have kids, yet I feel that I know what parenting is like because each time I turn in a major assignment it is like letting my baby go out into the world alone: to be picked on by bullies; yelled at by teachers; nearly broad-sided by a bus. And yet I feel a sense of accomplishment handing those papers over, much like a mother as she watches her toddler master potty training.

That said, I am heading home. I stayed up all last night to work on final projects/papers and I only finished this one so I am going to glue my eyelids open again, make some strong coffee, and pop in a DVD distraction as I type my LAST paper (a 10 page paper on the theme of animals in children's picture books--control your envy).

Almost there...almost...preparing to send another baby out to play in traffic.


Kerry said…
You're much more conscienious
about that than I am! My attitude was it got done, and so be it. Whatever dude--I got nothing to prove to you. But I was older, had been working and have a very bad school attitude.
Miss Cellaneous said…
I am so happy for you! Now we are going to get our party on. I hope you stay in Michigan as long as I do so I will always have a monster in my life.

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