a poem for the ages on graduation

I am almost there.
I can see the end in sight.
Not like a bright light, but rather my bed....because after this,
that is where I will go.
I am almost there.
I have 3 big papers to go.
So what if I watched three movies last night just to avoid working on my thesis...
who are you to judge?
And so what if they were all really hokey movies, say for example: Elizabethtown, Robin Hood: Prince of Thevies, and The Hobbit.
I am not ashamed.
I am nearly done.
The end is in sight.
Fluffy bed here I come.


Tony Kris said…
To answer your question, I'm sorry, but his name wasn't Chewbacca. It was, however, the name of a character introduced in "Empire" who's not Yoda. I think you can figure it out from there.
Ah...I love a challenge...thanks!

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