So, he had to be a *big shot*

Went out for karoke night Saturday night with K & L and Chris.

We found this hole in the wall in the Roseville/Warren/Fraser area, which is not the wealthiest area, so has potential for attracting some WT. (Is it just me or are all karoke bars "hole in the wall" bars?) Anyway, it was actually nice, had a good community feel, etc. L mentioned this fact to the lady next to us, who in return said that many of the people are regulars, coming for karoke twice a week.

Each of us did our karoke best, a fact that I am always proud of since I am horrified of singing in public. L and I sang the Indigo Girls, "Closer to Fine."

Anyway, one guy sitting near the bar got up and did this great rendition of She's got a way by Billy Joel. Great song and the guy was good looking, so I spent the rest of the night oggling him and having everyone tell me that I should go and talk to him. I am the shyest person when it comes to talking to guys-no lie. Long story short, I finally did. I went and talked to Billy Joel Impersonator (BJI).

Here is what our conversation sounded like:

Me: Hey. I just wanted to tell you that you did a really awesome job. I have never heard anyone cover Billy Joel like that. It was amazing.
BJI: Thanks. Hey you guys did a really great job with the Indigo Girls.
Me: Really? (Even if it's not true, he is giving a compliment--nice!)
BJI: Yeah, when you finished no one clapped and I was like 'what the heck'--that was good! (good, good)
Me: Wow. Thanks. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how good I thought you were so...(sort of indicating that I was going to go back to my seat...see if he took the bait and started a conversation.)
BJI: Well, hey, I live like a mile from here if you want to give me a ride home. I walked up here tonight. (What?!?!? What was that sound!?!?!--me almost falling off the chair! Do people actually say stuff like that to strangers!?)
Me: Uh, yeah I came with my friend (pointing over at Chris) and I am going home with him.
BJI: Well, I come here all the time, maybe I will see you here again.
(To qoute Clueless, "As if!!")

What the hell do you even say in those situations? Argh--I wish I could think faster on my feet. Thinking about it the next morning I came up a couple good responses. What I should have said was:

"Oh, gosh, did I forget to rub the word WHORE off my forehead?!"
"Oh, I'm sorry, the switch is on the fritz and my WHORE light must be blinking again!"

So, of course this whole scenario has opened the door for me to be teased. The boys have thrown around some emails this morning, and these lines about the situation made me laugh:

"So the '
'Piano Man' couldn't get the 'Uptown Girl' to drive him back to 'Allentown.'"
"Yeah, Monster almost drove Billy Joel home, but then he had to be a *BIG SHOT*, so she politely said 'no.'"

I love my friends.


SWP said…
At least he had the decency not to let the door slam in your face.

You sound like you handled yourself well. Are you going to knock again?
I am not even sure what the hell that means SWP? Stop talking in codes...I don't have the time to call my mother these days, let alone decipher cryto-SWP! Argh...Grad School brings out the--fill in the gap--in us!
SWP said…

You made eyes at a guy and approached him in a bar AND expressed admiration. I don't know what you thought you were communicating, but you certainly weren't asking for milquetoast from him.

And so when he responds precisely as one would expect, you act like it was an unpredictable outcome.

I'm glad you didn't say yes, and I'm glad you indicated that you had trustworthy males in your posse because that was a good response.

But I certainly hope you show the same confidence the next time. Because that's what will attract guys to you who will have to behave like gentlemen if you make them earn your attention.
A. Not everyone in a bar is skeezy, and though it is a less than desirable place to meet a life long mate, it has been known to happen.

B. Thanks for the vote of if I would say yes to some skanky interlude.

I thought I had at least some of the moral fiber of the Austenian characters you like so much!

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