even the Dead Celebrities Lady is interested in the Michigan budget

Things are serious when Dead Celebrities Lady (DCL)calls during the week!

Dead Celebrities Lady has only ever called on a Sunday, yet she called tonight, and why? You ask, dear reader. The Michigan budget.

Our conversation:
DCL: They raised the taxes, didn't they?
Me: Excuse me? (our phone is a piece and notoriously cuts in and out)
DCL: They raised the taxes, didn't they?
Me: Do you mean the taxes in the state of Michigan, ma'am?
DCL: Yeah. I heard they raised the taxes.
Me: Yes, they did raise the state income tax by somewhere around 1.2%, I think(it was actually only raised by 0.4%).
DCL: They're trying to starve us, aren't they?
Me: *laugh politely*
DCL: How is that going to affect us? Does that mean that they take out a lot?
Me: Well, it means that they take that percentage from what you make, so the amount taken is different for everyone.
DCL: Well, I don't work that much. Does that mean they won't take out a lot?
Me: They will base what they take out by what you make. (starting to sound like a Beatles song)
DCL: Oh, I only work 4 hours a week, so then they won't be taking out that much, will they?
Me: No, it won't affect you too much then. (What else do you say to someone at this point?!?!)
DCL: Okay, thanks then.
Me: You're welcome. Have a nice night.

I am so glad that DCL called. I was starting to worry.

**DCL just called back and spoke with my boss...this is the DCL that I know. Who she needed death and birthday information for:
Elizabeth Patterson
Desi Arnaz Jr.
Lucie Arnaz
Apparently there is an I love Lucy-a-thon happening somewhere.


K2.0 said…
OMG, I had a Dead Celebrity patron when I used to work at my library's main location. It's a definite type!

Good luck with school.:)
Thanks k2.0

I think there is one every where.

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