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Today was one of those days.

Last night I finished My Sister's Keeper, which was such a good book, with a surprising ending. That was after I watched I am Sam for the first time. I felt emotionally ravaged. I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of life. All that thoughtful "what does life mean"-edness that both the book and movie forced me to have, I thought I would make the most of the day.

I got up early and actually left the house early, got my morning hazelnut coffee. God Bless, Tim Hortons! Work was alright. Had a training session on microfilm and microfiche-yes, in the age of technology these formats are still used. There are some things that even Google hasn't been able to scrape up.

Had to "play nice," with the new girl. For those of you GFers that know me well, you know that I hate training new people and I hate change in my workplace unless I have control over it. I can already tell that I need to be careful with her. She seems like a goody goody Gertie and a possible mole amongst us. It is not that either the others that I work with, or myself, do anything wrong, it's just that we have bosses that are oblivious and we vent together and help each other do their jobs at times. New girl had one of our bosses for a professor and was oozying with "So and so taught us this, and So and so said we should do this in this situation." I wanted to say, "So and so doesn't do what we do every day, so shut up." Some days it is hard to be an adult. :( Luckily, new girl was smart enough to realize that after the morning niceities I wanted some "alone time," to work on my homework since things were quiet for the most part.

My favorite moment of the day, recieved a phone call, here is how it started:
Woman: Hi. I am trying to access this article from home and every time I try to click the link for the article nothing happens.
Me: Ok, which database are you in?
Woman: Proquest, the article is called...blah blah blah by bloo bloo and bloo bloo.
Me: Ok, I have pulled the article up. And it seems that the link is working ok for me. I see the article, it is a PDF file.
Woman: Maybe there is something wrong with Earl...?
Me: Earl?
Woman: Yes, when I click the link, all I see is Earl.
At this point I am picturing this woman clicking a link and a picture of her sweaty Betty husband Earl comes up instead of the article.
Me: (trying not to laugh) What do you mean by Earl? (trying so hard to figure out what Earl could be...) OH! Do you mean the URL?
Woman: Yeah, the Earl, I mean URL.
I finally figured out what she meant and was able to tell her how to obtain the article.

Some calls are just too special for words.

Otherwise, the day went by miraculously fast, and it wasn't until nearly 3pm that I noticed that I wasn't supposed to start work until 11am, and I started at 9am unscheduled, which wound up being nice since I got out two hours early.

Did I go outside and breathe deeply and enjoy the oddly warm Fall Day? No, I headed to the desolate 4th floor of the library where I picked out 9 books to use on an upcoming paper about illustrator, Eric Carle, my favorite children's illustrator. In the process I managed to get some of my favorites-books he had written and illustrated, and also some books he had only illustrated, and a good biography of him that I read when I was still living on the farm. I also managed to drop my laptop. ALWAYS CHECK THAT YOU HAVE ZIPPED YOUR LAPTOP BAG BEFORE YOU PICK THE BAG UP!!! Luckily my laptop is a used one, old as Moses, which has been acting up since I downloaded Microsoft 2007. Not that I would suggest this to anyone else, but since I dropped my laptop it has been running better, though I think the CD door is now FUBAR.

Met up with Miss Cellaneous before class and we had a good laugh about the conservative Christian's display of school spirit for this weekend's upcoming Homecoming football game. Each student org painted a window of the student center with a "Ra Ra Go School!" message. One of the Christian orgs decided to paint a football player with some school spirity line, followed by "1/4 of my generation is lost" and something else about abortion.

I'm all about free speech and sharing your message with the world...but really? On a homecoming sign? It was a little...confusing. Well, maybe they got what they wanted. Here I am writing about it.

My window would have been painted with a football player in the middle, wearing a tutu, holding a tray labeled "free paint chips." The message at the bottom would read: "Go Warriors. Kick ass and then come to the library, we're all nuts here!"

Why? Why not.


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