Going back to school blues

Myspace is terrible because it allows me to find people that I hated in high school and see that even though they were terrible people back then, they have married, and posted really cute-sie pics of their attractive significant others. And I want to be happy for them, but part of me really wants to see them turn out to be unsuccessful slobs, still living at home, and posting instead of pics of attractive significant others, pics of themselves with beer guts, eating KFC straight out of the bucket. In my mind they should have become like Joe Dirt.

Going back to school makes me reminisce about those days when I was awkward and irreverent and sarcastic, and then I realize that I haven't changed much in the years since I left high school.

The first week back has been wrought with a mix of emotions from horror at seeing the amount of work and reading I have to do in my online class alone; panic at the thought that my final paper topic (paper due in December) in my research class is due in two weeks; to an excitment for some of my assignments; to a state of complete ecstasy at the thought that I will be finishing my Masters in December, which then turns into fear about what I am going to do when I graduate. I have felt like an emotional nutcase lately, and have taken it out on my fish, Harry Potter, who I forgot to feed twice already this week.

It is the weekend, and as always, I am at work planning how I will squeeze in homework this busy weekend...I know, I know, I do it to myself. I don't have to have a social life, but I really want one right now.

Last night had to babysit for L & A, best friend L & K's wonderful kids, ages 5 and 21/2. This morning I woke up to find my tire flat. Argh...now I have to squeeze going to the tire store into my afternoon. Tonight, friends: Chris, Tom, Married K & Joe Black, College K, Mrock, my bro A3, and I, and possibly a couple other friends, are going to the Grand Opening of the club, Crofoot Ballroom, which is owned by an acquaintance of ours. We are all VIP guests which gets us in at 7pm, free drinks and food until 10pm. I am looking forward to a night of losing myself in dancing to 80s and 90s music with friends. I feel tre hip since I have never been VIP anything.

Tomorrow afternoon my family, Mom and Dad, A & M, A3, me, and friend Chris are going to lunch in Greektown and then we are off to the Tigers Game.

And somewhere in this mess that is my weekend, I will get my homework done too. :)


french panic said…
"even though they were terrible people back then, they have married, and posted really cute-sie pics of their attractive significant others".

Just because they are married to photogenic people doesn't mean they are not terrible people still. My former tormentors are apparently married and breeding, but that doesn't mean I can't comfort myself with thoughts that they are depressed, abusive, and hated in their places of work.

Also, re your more recent posts of library school hell... how I would love to say it's all worth it in the end...alas I cannot. Perhaps a mantra of "this is only temporary, this is only temporary" might help?
Thanks for the words...sorry if the bitter diatribe offended, they were just some thoughts swimming around. What you say is true.

It will be worth it in the end, I just can't see the end in sight yet. Although, my best friend keeps saying, "see that light at the end of the tunnel? Run towards it!"

I'll get there...and I'll make it worth it in the end. :)

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