Another question to take the cake

This is the honest to God, word for word question that someone emailed in to us today at the library:

"I'm 54 years old and found a bug on a tree outside my house that I have never seen the likes of. I have it, it was dead but clinging to the tree. Would like to know what kind it is. Some kind of beige beetle and the back of it is open as though something came out of it. yuck, but could you help? I have a pine bush nearby that is dying and am wondering if this beetle had anything to do with it. It is full of webs, which makes me think they are not connected. Could you refer me to an entomologist----if that is what they are called? Thank You."

This is for my friends who have asked what I do all day. Ok, no, my job is not quite this exciting, I wind up helping students answer questions and do research, but there are the occasional questions like this that surface.

We are the super heroes of the research world. "Doing it since Alexandrian days!"


I remember reading lots of books and writing lots of cards. I had to take one juv class to "round out" my database searching track at FSU. I think one of my presentations was for Once a Mouse. And I agree with you that we are superheroes; and this superhero is kinda tired. Good luck with your classes. And if people buy shirts, cool. I didn't do it to make money or be recognized. I just thought it was a slogan that was needed. cheers.
oh I said don't dissapear all together! You will be missed in blogger land. :)

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