Samples of lead paint chips handed out by ladies wearing plastic gloves

It was with an odd mingled feeling of mostly excitement and a little sadness that I said, "IT'S OVER!" (in Strongbad voice) about the Spring/Summer '07 term. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I went home and wept in the corner, rocking back and forth, hugging a bottle of Jack, while I lamented the end of classes. I did that yes, but those were tears of joys, and there was no "class being over" sadness. No, that was a very welcomed end.

I was a little sad about the fact that friends that I have had along with me on this crazy adventure called Grad School, in classes with me every semester since I started, or even just the last two semesters, will no longer be in my classes come September. It is kinda weird how you can get so close to people so quickly, or at least maybe that has just been my experience. Maybe it's just true that "misery loves company." Maybe I just let my guard down too know what McGruff the Crime Dog would say, "take a bite out of crime," and maybe "trust no one." I think that would be a better slogan-really put some fear and mistrust in today's kids.

Anyway, back from my tangent. Classes are over, and I get a 5 week seista from school. One thing that grad school has done for me, that never happened with Undergrad, maybe since I took the summers off, I feel as though I have never not been in school, though I took 3 1/2 years off between Undergrad and Masters programs. The end is in sight though. Only 6 months until I am a walking, talking opposed to a crawling, mute librarian...?

Back at the library, much more rested and focused (sans summer classes) you would think I would be more patient. Well, today the library is packed with the most frustrating patrons. I feel as though I missed the hair netted ladies as I walked in. You know the ones, the same ones that you see at the groccery store or Costco passing out the free samples in pill cups. Yep, I missed them as I came in, apparently everyone else stoppped for their free samples of lead paint chip cookies.

Anyway, before I get too bitter, I would like to stop for a minute and thank all those around the world who have looked at my blog. My goal of world domination seems one step closer. I would love to still see some dots in Russia and Asia, so if you know someone over there, pass along the love. (And tell them to click the google ads as much as they can!) If you are new to the blog and leave comments, I am trying to also check out your blogs as well. Thanks for the comments, for looking at the blog, and for helping broaden world communication through Blogdom.


JennPav said…
Thanks Friend! There is a certain sense of satisfaction. I feel my migraines slowly ebbing away from me...and that is good. :)
Miss Cellaneous said…
I have a new way of finding out who views my blog as well, it's called sitemeter - here's the link:

It's kind of cool, like clustermaps, but it even tells you what people searched on google for your blog :) Technology is awesome.
Thanks for the info friend! I will have to check it out one of these crazy days!

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