The library's prayers to God

Had a wonderful weekend; celebrated my best friend's birthday with friends Friday night, picnicked with friends on Saturday after their softball tournament, then Saturday night my brother A3 and I went and had dinner with Dad (Mom is in California-I will see her there on Wednesday!) Mmm...dinner was so good. I made dinner for Dad and A3; boiled shrimp and crab, red beans and rice, and steamed broccoli. Kind of a hodge podge of food, but so tasty.

Saturday night, my roomie M and I went to her parents' "cottage," (I use this term very loosely since the cottage is a house, probably a little smaller than the house we grew up in) on Lake St. Clair, late. M, her sister JillyBean, K (their niece) all fell asleep watching a boot leg copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the projector. I was wide awake, ecstatic to be watching the movie blown up on the wall in the living room, especially the scenes in the Ministry of Magic! I only felt slightly guilty watching a boot leg copy, but got over it.

Sunday morning they took me to the Armada Market, which runs Sundays during the summer, but was a ghost town due to the rain. Enjoyed an awesome homecooked breakfast with M, her parents, sister JillyBean, and two nieces K and G (ages 7 and 5). K, M, and I also played a vicious 4 hands of Old Maid, and I am glad to say that I won everytime. I hate losing...especially to kids.

Wish I didn't have to work yesterday, we would have stayed longer, but at least work was quiet.
Raining here again today...loads of rain. Street flooding rain that makes me glad to be indoors, only wishing indoors meant at home, in bed with a book and not at work.

My boss emailed me this morning and asked me to post our "Intercession" hours, which are in effect until Labor Day.

"Intercession?" I thought when she told me. Why use the word intercession? We are not interceeding on someone else's behalf are we? Have we become concerned librarians? Hands raised in a Supreme-ish "Stop in the name of love" gesture..."we cannot let you come in any more than these are studying too much. You spend too much time on the internet. Your face exhibits a wanton pallor. Go, dear students. Breathe deeply. Sit in the sun. Watch bunnies hop in fields of clover."

I decided to look the word up, these are the definitions:

1. an act or instance of interceding. 2. an interposing or pleading on behalf of another person. 3. a prayer to God on behalf of another.

I decided that the library was offering a prayer to God on our behalfs and all that praying meant closing the library earlier for the prayer circle.

Then I realized they meant "Inter-session."

Guess we don't need Saint Lawrence after all.


Mummy Dearest said…
Ha! You so clevah. Thanks for the reminder to know what words mean what. You make me laugh. I did enjoy your foray into the word intercession. If only your boss knew how clever you are, then you'd have her job.
I just need to sleep with the right people...and then I would have her job. WINK! :)

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