Holy cats and voodoo dolls

Holy cats! Good news! My last blog worked...I now have readers in Asia too! Wow. Welcome friends!

Good news! I recieved my Spring/Summer marks this morning. All A's! Holy cats again! Thanks for all the support and prayers, or just keeping the needles
out of the Monster Librarian voodoo doll, whichever you did this last semester, it was much appreciated!


Miss Cellaneous said…
Congrats on an awesome semester, what shall I do without you for the month of August?
maxxo said…
i like them dools. i mean, dolls. very much. yes sirree.
Nabeel said…
well Voodoo magic is a very real form of magic .. and it is also very very old, i.e. many thousands years old. It is forbidden in our religion to do magic (real/bad magic)

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