Good Morning Buffalo-Part 2

Today I woke up as B2 was getting ready to walk out the door for work. I felt so rested; the sun was shining in on the lovely scene-B1 & B2 going about their morning rituals, me, a voyeur just soaking in every detail.

After a few suggestions of where to go (last night), but a reminder that I am on holiday for the weekend and can just sit at the apartment and read all day if I want, I was left thinking of what I wanted to do today. B1 and I enjoyed breakfast together; munching toasted homemade cinnamon raisin bread that B1 baked, looking at pictures of their time living in Napa Valley, and vacations.

B1 headed off to work, I stayed and showered and then headed off on my own. I stopped in at the bakery where B1 works to say hello and see her new work digs, buying a cookie that B1 decorated, on my way out the door.

Headed to a used book store called Rust Belt Books, very cool. After choosing 3 books on Christianity by C.S. Lewis, Domby and Son by Dickens, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, and a few other titles, spending $32, I chatted with the book shop clerk. I told her that I really liked their bookstore, a mess of shelving with seemingly little organization methods. She was saying that some people get a little turned off because it is sort of hodge podge, to which I replied that I liked it because it did not feel sterile like some book shops do. Book stores, especially used book stores are supposed to seem disorganized. If you are ever in Buffalo, NY. go to this book store.

Since then I have tooled around Allentown, enjoying some of the lovely old houses in the cute neighborhoods. I went down this particularly interesting street called Mariner, off of Delaware, which showed a street with such interestingly painted houses; tall and proud, with naught more than 5 or 6 feet between houses.

I am now sitting in Cafe 59 eating a late lunch-consisting of a turkey club and a pasta salad with feta and tomatoes-and my half an hour of internet use that I payed $2 for was up a half an hour ago, so I will close for now, and write more of this afternoon's exploits tomorrow or Monday.


TSOldtimer said…
Wish I was there... :`(
I know Friend...we did too. We talked about how we wished you could have been there...but it was nice at least talking to you last night.

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