Aren't I supposed to be less busy?

I thought the ending of classes and my 5 week siesta, until the Fall semester, would mean some down time. Wrong-o! (I was briefly quasi-seeing this guy who would say "right-o," so this is the opposite-wasn't Charlotte on Sex in the City married to a guy that said "Right-o?").

Back from my tangent. The end of classes has meant that my family and all of my friends know that I am at home and therefore should be (for my family):
A. Babysitting Monster Niece and Nephew.
B. Spending more time with my family (parents, sibs, etc.)
(for my friends):
A. Hanging out with them somewhere.
B. At the bar with them.
C. Relaxing at my house with them.

I should not complain, I love all the company, but my August reading list is not moving as planned...note to self, "hole up in room one night for hours of pleasure reading."

Saturday last, my brother A3 and I took Monster Niece and Nephew to the zoo. It was a lovely day, not quite as hot and muggy as it has been lately. The kids were wonderful; Monster Niece (2) wanted to walk through the whole zoo, instead of ride with Monster Nephew in the stroller. Ok, we let her, and we wore her out. She slept marvelously that night. Monster Nephew (14 months) took in the sites with an interested look, talked as we went along (what he said, we'll never know), and napped on and off. Neither A3 or I particularly love the zoo; I personally am caught between the educational aspects vs. the animals in cages instead of the wild, and that is sad, argument. Detroit Zoo is not even a noteworthy zoo either. It recieves little funding, and offers nothing phenomenal to write home about, but as the kids are only young once we have decided that we will take them possibly every summer, or until they grow bored with it.

As if that wasn't enough family bonding. We met up with my sister A1 and brother-in-law M, and my friend Chris, before heading to a cousins retirement party. It was a pleasant enough afternoon outdoors, enjoying food, family (as much as that is possible) and conversations, while also playing, "spot the mullet." For some reason several people there had them...I swear, these were not relations.

Saturday night was karyoke, Sunday was post-Karyoke hangover, followed by dinner at A1 and brother-in-laws house in Fenton, with our parents and brother-in-law M's parents and nieces. It was nice lounging around with the kids, and even watching Disney cartoons.

Watched too many movies this weekend. Went to the public library by my house and got more than I want to admit.

Some fun movies watched this weekend:
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (one of my favorites)
300 (this was such a cool movie to see on the big screen and "I'm totally crushing on King Leonidas!" Said in Teen Girl Squad voices!)
Driving Lessons (funny and touching-with Rupert Grint-aka Ron Weasley and Julie Walters-aka Mrs. Weasley from the Harry Potter movies).


TSOldtimer said…
I just watched Driving Lessons while I was visiting my family in PA! It was a cute movie, no?
I liked the movie a lot. I loved Rupert Grint's line to the firl he used to like, when she comes to visit him mom at the hospital. "Sarah, **** off." Right said Fred. :)

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