And another one bites the dust

Dead Celebrities Lady just called. Today she needed to know when Ross Barnett, 53rd Governor of Mississippi (1960-1964) died.

Answer: 1987

Other questions that came up:

Q: Did he have kids?
A. Two daughters and a son

Q. Who was the 54th Governor of Mississippi?
A. Paul Johnson Jr.


Amy said…
Dude, that is totally weird. Who is this lady and have you ever asked her why she aks about dead celebrities all the time?
..about your post on my page...
yeah, I'm being harsh... my tone is angry, but that helps me think. I don't want you to love your choices any less. You're doing a great think by becoming a librarian--
Amy, that might violate her trust in me. And I am afraid if I ask she will realize how morbid it is and stop calling...and it is sometimes the bright spot in my day.
Effing, no worries friend! I appreciate your scathing honesty. :)

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