Technology is good, right?

Picture on left: Purdy side of the library, picture on right Krege side of the library. This was the original library at Wayne State, now called the Purdy Kresge Graduate Library. The buildings are connected by the first floor only...interestingly, useless design.

It seems as though nothing is working today at the library. Days like these I wonder if technology is really an advancement. I still have conspiracy theories about it, but I will save those rants for another day.

  • The printer has been down on my floor since I came in. A service call put in to our contracted printer-fix-it man has gone unanswered. I posted a sign, warning the students of the problem, also offering the suggestion that printing is still available downstairs.
  • I now have a sign hanging on my desk that says, "due to a denial of service attack originating from off campus on the WSU mail servers, incoming and outgoing e-mail is currently experiencing significant slowdowns..." What this basically means (what a library higher-up told me this morning), is that someone tried to hack into our system and now the WSU email accounts are all flubbed up. (Maybe the sign should have just said that!)
Okay, only two things, but construction is still under way, the downstairs is walled off-with something that looks sneakily similar to huge sheets of garbage bags-and the asbestos removal from the floors has begun. Entirely safe they have ensured us. I am interested to see how the new carpet will look when all of this is done.

There is also construction going on outside, nearby, so it sounds like someone is drilling into the wall...and to be quite honest I keep glancing over my shoulder, in anticipation of the accident that will leave a huge, gaping hole in the wall. I keep telling myself to not act surprised when that happens, followed by a head popping through to say "sorry."

** Update...problem with the printer was fixed. Apparently all the One Cards machines on campus were down. They are always down!


Kevin Musgrove said…
Unreliability is the keystone of library technology. You'll learn to love it (believe me, you'll be so happy whenever it works; it's better than chocolate!)

And then, just when you've learnt all the work-arounds that help you provide services for your customers either someone upgrades the network and nothing works or else the library technology and nothing works.

Trust me, I'm a systems librarian!
Jenny said…
Yeah, that sucks. My business is all computers (whose isn't now a-days?) so when the server goes down, we are SOL. Funny story... when I first started in children's books, I worked at Harcourt across from Sea World and something about their generators would always cause us to lose power. Also, one of their show birds escaped and ended up in our cafeteria! :)

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