Sexy librarians

I got the idea for this, from Mental Floss. (Some of our choices may overlap, I will provide different reasoning.)

Giacoma Casanova - known as the one of the greatest lovers and womanizers of all time, Casanova also worked for 13 years as a librarian for the Count von Waldstein in the chateau of Dux in Bohemia. (Say that 3 times fast). Not only can he find your books...he can read them to you...all sexy like.

J. Edgar Hoover- before becoming the sneaky FBI Head, Hoover was a Library of Congress messenger and cataloger in his first job. It was alleged that Hoover was a closeted gay, and cross dresser. Why he made the list…? I am envious of any man who looks better in pumps than me!

Melville Dewey – Aside from helping spawn the ALA, creating Dewey Decimal System (still used in 100s of libraries today), founding the American Library Journal, Dewey can also be described in one word, “Player.” We learned about him in our Intro to Ethics class (because of his influence over the library world), and found out that he too was a womanizer. Creating classification systems isn’t the only thing he was good at-MEOW!

Marianne Moore –Pulitzer Prize winning Poet (poems like, "Poetry"), Marianne Moore, worked (at one point of her young life) as a librarian somewhere in New York. She made this list less because she was a saucy tart like Proust, more so because of her influence. What is sexier than being a librarian? Becoming a matriarch in contemporary womens poetry, influencing poets like Elizabeth Bishop-one of my favs-who wrote lovely poetry like," The Map." You go former Librarian!

Jorge Luis Borges – Argentinian born poet and writer, Borges worked as a librarian in the Buenos Aires area. If you are not sure why he made the list, just read, Susana Soca, it is sure to add a twist to your drink, if you know what I mean.

Ben Franklin – There are so many things that can be said of what Franklin did to better the United States, but as we are speaking of librarians, I will speak of those contributions.

· Founded the
Library Company of Philadelphia, (this was a lending library, with a cost), credited as the predecessor to free public libraries). Franklin served as a Librarian here.
· Founded the
Library of the Pennsylvania Hospital, the United States’ first medical library.
· Founded the
Library of the American Philosophical Society.
· Founded the Library of the University of Pennsylvania (though then named the Philadelphia Academy).
· Founded a library in the town of Franklin, PA
· Made personal contributions to the libraries at Harvard and Yale.

Why Franklin made the list, you ask. Well, Ben Franklin was quite the flirt when he served as Ambassador to France. He was a welcome guest at parties, and with the ladies, though he never was known to have any affairs. TEASE!

Marcel Proust – Famous gay writer, (mentioned in Little Miss Sunshine!) Proust served at one point as a volunteer librarian at the Bibliotheque Mazarine, the private library of the Cardinal of Mazarine. Like Borges, he was quite the little saucy tart. Read
Pederasty and you'll see why he made the list!

Beverly Cleary-A woman after my own heart, Cleary had a passion for reading from a young age, and went on to attend the School of Librarianship at the University of Washington, Seattle, specializing in children in the library. Working with the children gave her fodder for her stories, many favorite characters from my childhood:
Henry Huggins, Ribsy, Beezus and Ramona Quimby, Ralph S. Mouse, and Socks to name a few. There is nothing sexier than a librarian who goes on to give a mouse a voice...wha?

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow- a Librarian at Bowdoin College before moving on to teach at Harvard, Longfellow later went on to write lovely poems, including
Evageline. Question why he is it the beard or his dreamy post-Librarian poetry.

Brothers Grimm- in the early 1800s both Jacob and Wilhelm became librarians at Kassel, later going on to record some of the most memorable folk tales (nearly 600 published in their original works) that children today still read some form of (though if you ever read the originals you will be surprised at how creepy and violent they are). What can be sexier than the men who recorded a story (among many) about a cross dressing wolf ?

Authors note: Consider the links as my Bibliography-I obtained info on all through these links, and!


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