Pleasant surprises

In the past 5 days I have gotten a few wonderful and pleasant surprises.

1. On Saturday my best friend Married K gave me her old mini Ipod, which is in great shape. I named it Blue. This picture shows what it looks like. She also left on all of her music and some books. I love you Married K! You are the best!

2. Went with Brother A3 for dinner at our sister and brother-in-law's house ('rents were also there). My nephew Monster A, who took a few steps over the past few weeks, surprised us all with his daring feats (pun intended), of walking all over the place. Monster A is 13 and 1/2 months. Monster Aunt is so proud!!

3. Not to be outdone, Monster Niece S (big sister to Monster Nephew A) went potty 3 times while I was there! Go Monster S!!

4. Last, but not least!! GF friend Amos called this morning to tell me that she and C.J. got engaged!! I am a terrible friend, and forgot to ask how he proposed. Wedding is at least 2 years away since Amos is still finishing school. Big Congrats Amos and C.J. :)

So many wonderful blessings this week. I am so happy. And so thankful.


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