Pics from a doting aunt

Since I don't have any kids to brag about, like Mummy Dearest's adorable rug rats, I will do the next best thing. I am posting pics of my niece Gala (who is nearly 2 1/2) and my nephew Noah (who will be 8 mos. soon!), who live in Cali with my Bro and sister-in-law. Gala looks a little like I did when I was her age, though my hair wasn't quite that curly, and Noah looks like my brother Adam did when he was little. It is amazing how different they look from my sister and brother-in-law's fair skinned, blondies, Syd and Aidan. They definitely got a lot of Lucia's Mediterranean tones (She is from Spain). This is me doting...dote dote dote!


Miss Cellaneous said…
Yo yo yo, monster librarian! I'm finally on blogger! Now you can make fun of me in class and online. I've also been meaning to talk to you about graduation. . I've decided to take enough classes to graduate in December. . .
Rakstar said…
How cute are they??? And how cute are you, doting auntiemanda?? :)
Who is that? I am MONSTER AUNT!

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